The Stance

How we stand when we fly cast especially when practicing, can help or hinder us depending on what we are trying to achieve.
Obviously when fishing we could find ourselves in all types of position so practice casting in kneeling and sitting positions as well.
There are 3 simple stances – Closed, Open or Square.

In the 3 images below, the feet position are for a right handed caster. If you’re left handed, simply reverse the foot positioning (E.g Closed would have left foot forward)

Closed Stance

Whatever hand you cast with you have your corresponding foot forward. So right handed caster, right foot forward. A stance used by competition accuracy casters because it squares up your body and head towards the target. It also limits body movement so helps with a casting the rod in a straight line.
Negatives are you can’t see your back cast so you have to rely on timing to know when your fly line as straightened. Also limited body movement to help with achieving distance.

Open Stance

Opposite to above. If your right handed you place you left foot forward and vice versa.
Allows a longer casting stroke and body movement to help achieve distance. It has the added advantage that you can see your back cast. Negatives are not so good for accuracy and could effect tracking (straight line rod path).

Square Stance

Both feet facing square on to target, shoulder width a part.
Good for accuracy and tracking but difficult to use body and see back cast.
Not a good stance for wading because poor balance and not very streamlined.

At the end of the day, you can choose whatever stance you find the most comfortable and suits you the best.

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