Get a Grip

How we hold a fly rod is very important. We need a grip which is relaxed, comfortable, flexible and strong when needed.
There are four basic grips but it is a personal thing so feel free to experiment to find what works for you.

The four basic grips are the Thumb On Top, the V Grip, the Finger On Top and the Three Point Grip.

Thumb On Top grip

This is the grip I use quite a lot. I find it comfortable, powerful and accurate.
Negatives are that it can promote excessive wrist movement and cause tracking (straight line path of rod tip) problems when extending your rod behind you on a long casting stroke.

V grip

It is called the V grip because of V created by thumb and index finger. Personally, I don’t find it as strong as Thumb On Top but does overcome the negatives associated with that grip.

Finger On Top grip

The Finger On Top grip is good for accuracy and again limits excessive wrist movement. I find it not very strong and more suitable to short casts. There are some wonderful casters who use this grip to great effect.

Three Point grip

Called the Three Point grip because there are 3 points of contact against the base of the handle, your last three fingers, and 3 points against the top of the handle; your thumb, forefinger and heel of your hand.
This grip allows you to use a lot of wrist in your casting stroke because it limits wrist break.
This is another popular grip and is good for novices because they tend to use too much wrist and this can help with that.

Being contrary, I tend to use all four depending on how I’m fishing and casting. I’d recommend you experiment with all four to find the grip you find works best for you.
The key to all the grips is you should only really squeeze the rod handle when you stop the rod in casting. Good practice tip is to wrap bubble wrap around the handle and practice some casts. If it pops before the stop you’re holding it too tight.

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