Casting Tuition

Single handed Fly Casting tuition

Fly casting is the way we deliver our artificial fly to our target fish. How accurately and efficiently we do this has a direct effect on how successful we are. We need to be comfortable with this process so whatever obstacles are put in our way, we have the skills to overcome them and land that trophy fish. No more walking to another spot because there are trees behind us or because there is a strong wind. We fish where the fish are – not where it’s easier to cast.

It’s not difficult to do but we need to get the basics right before we can progress. This is where fly casting tuition can really pay off. Having a lesson from a qualified instructor can save you time and frustration.

Casting practise on the River Avon

Why a qualified instructor?

Well, it means that person has been judged  and tested to make sure what they’re teaching is correct and also give them the tools to spot and remedy faults.

If you would like to learn or improve your fly casting then please book a lesson with me.


Hourly tuition one-on-one is £45 per hour, £80 for two hours. Group classes are available on request, please contact me if interested.

“Even though the weather was appalling and we had never fished before, Matt persevered and helped us catch two really big fish.” A.H.